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Best couple's counselors in India

Couples therapy is often considered a taboo subject in most parts of India, but it has the potential to greatly enhance understanding and fortify relationships. This incredibly adaptable form of therapy provides couples with the tools to navigate challenging times and gain a deeper understanding of each other. Here's a list of some exceptional couples counselors in India who can guide you on this journey!

  • Sanajna Bhadani

A counseling psychologist, Sanjana is very passionate about her work, and creates an empathetic, non-judgemental space for her clients. Working with adolescents and adults, she specializes in life transitions, interpersonal conflict and relationships among others that impact her clients’ lives. She has an eclectic approach to therapy, and uses a person-centered therapy that caters to her clients’ needs. 


  • Zainab Saleem

A counselor who views therapy through social, political, trauma-informed and queer-affirmative lenses, Zainab pays attention to her clients’ needs and wants, making them feel deeply understood. She works with children, adolescents and young adults in areas of interpersonal relationships, trauma, abuse, health and sexual concerns. She aims to provide a safe and introspective environment where clients may identify numerous circumstances that affect their life, share their narrative, and create a new reality that is more fulfilling through her collaborative and strengths-based approach to therapy.


  • Rajasree Biswas

With 3 years of experience working in hospitals and NGOs with people from all walks of life, Rajasree carries expertise in diagnosing, handling, counseling, and providing support to her clients going through emotional, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and psychological struggles. Working with adolescents and adults, she centers her work around self-esteem, anxiety, relationships and life transitions, working towards their self empowerment. 


  • Taamra Ranganath

With a flexible approach, empathetic listening, and delivering hard-hitting truths in the kindest way, Taamra works collaboratively with her clients and identifies the best possible solutions based on their unique lives. She specializes in interpersonal relationships, anxiety, childhood trauma and grief. 

  • Prerna Sinha

A psychologist and a certified hypnotherapist, Prerna uses multiple approaches from therapies to provide her clients with a non-judgemental space to explore their thoughts, emotions and feelings. She has expertise working with children with special needs, as well as young adults suffering from anxiety, relationship problems, trauma and stress. She mostly applies techniques from CBT, REBT and hypnotherapy, to enhance her clients’ well-being.


  • Shemida Rayan

With 12 years of experience in more than 10 countries, Shemida creates a therapeutic space that helps you grow in the most comfortable way. She has a treasury of knowledge and handles complex relational dynamics, difficult trauma, sexual concerns and borrows from Compassion Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Creative Art, Narrative and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, to tailor the perfect approach for her clients. 


  • Kedar Sharma

With specializations in navigating anxiety, relationships, abuse, loneliness and trauma, Kedar is a strong advocate of self-exploration through which his clients are equipped to work through their interpersonal and career problems. Celebrating individual differences and needs, he uses an interdisciplinary approach to therapy combining elements from CBT, REBT, Gestalt and mindfulness therapies.  


  • Ishani Kundu

With 3 years of experience, Ishani facilitates an open-minded and judgment-free space, as a believer of finding our true selves through conversations with others. She works with clients from 18-70 years in areas of relationship difficulties, interpersonal conflicts, depression, anxiety and family issues. She leads a person-centered therapy in her sessions, supporting the client’s growth and in-depth understanding of self. 


  • Pamela John

Offering qualified counseling services to those who want to make lasting changes in their life, including singles, couples, and families, she focuses on assisting those who are struggling with emotional problems, interpersonal problems, and challenges relating to workplace stress. She adheres to an eclectic and all-encompassing philosophy, customizing therapeutic approaches to meet the requirements of each person, and has received training in a variety of psychotherapy modalities, including REBT, MBCBT, and CBT, to mention a few.


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