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Best therapists for issues with sleep

We're recommended to get 7-8 hours of sleep daily, and for a good reason. A good night's sleep not only reduces stress but also helps with learning and the formation of long-term memories. The lack of sleep can lead to problems focusing on tasks and thinking clearly. But with stresses of everyday life, and for people with health conditions, both physical and mental, getting a good restful sleep is difficult. So, here are some amazing therapists to help you put your worries and you to sleep!


  • Anagha Chaudhari

With 4 years of experience, Anagha Chaudhari is a counseling psychologist working with those struggling with mental health, like sleep disorders. She uses a holistic approach with a variety of therapeutic techniques including yoga, CBT, art therapy, mindfulness and spirituality among others. She focuses on self-love, self-compassion and self-care, believing that self-work and healing go hand in hand to help one reach one’s highest potential, and change all aspects of their lives for the better. 


  • Kruti Dharod

A graduate from SNDT, Mumbai, Kruti Dharod has worked with clients from different age groups, as well as inmates and staff from Central Jail, Mumbai. She’s very passionate about mental health, and works with those struggling from anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. She uses CBT, REBT, DBT, mindfulness based therapy, Gestalt therapy and emotional freedom techniques. She uses techniques based on the needs of her clients and aims to build resilience in them. 


  • Aanchal Harjai 

A government certified clinical psychologist, Aanchal Harjai specializes in transitioning through different stages of life as well as sleep difficulties. She also provides support and direction for medical procedures and treatments. She bases her therapy on the client's goals, current situation, and personality while frequently referencing DBT, REBT, SFT, ERP, mindfulness-based techniques, and humanistic therapy.


  • Divya Kansal

A clinical psychologist who believes therapy is a tool to help individuals with time management, relationship and oneself, Divya utilizes CBT, REBT, emotional regulation therapy and JPMR and mindfulness to achieve the goals of therapy. She specializes in many areas including sleep disorders. 


  • Anushka Anand

An internationally certified trauma professional, she is a passionate counselor with a specialization in somnipathy (abnormal sleep patterns). She is trained in CBT, SFT, trauma informed therapy and uses a person-centered approach in her sessions.


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