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Discover the hidden link between your physical and mental well-being

PCOS in women is rising because of anxiety, gut health issues are aggravating with stress and our immunities are at risk with increasing levels of mood disorders 


An anecdote from a Client's Life 

Tanya (name changed), 32, has been using MindPeers for two years through her corporate account. Her gynaecologists, who she consulted for her worsening PCOS, unanimously identified stress as a key factor, which initially puzzled her due to its broad nature. Seeking to understand this better, she decided to try therapy. It was there that she began to uncover deeper insights into how a spike in cortisol, led by stress, was impacting her hormonal health.

~3000 MindPeers users are seeking help because of heightened bodily symptoms and this led us to research and work on a feature for over 400 days to bring you: MindPeers Mind Body Insights.  


Why Mind-Body Insights?

We want to move towards something more specific than “it’s because of stress”. Our new feature is all about understanding your lifestyle - behavioural and physical patterns to predict how you can prevent health concerns holistically with a special focus on mental health.

If you are living with gut issues, and your visits to the doctor have all ended with ‘but first, lose weight’ and you know you are doing everything, it's time to evaluate your stress profile. 


Features of Insights 

  • 1. Comprehensive Health Analytics: We understand your existing physical health concerns, stressors,  lifestyle patterns and health goals

  • 2. Correlation Analysis: This feature uncovers the duet between physical and mental health indicators, helping you see how one influences the other

  • 3. Predictive Insights: Insights gaze into the future, predicting potential health outcomes and suggesting proactive measures

How does it help employers and organizations?

By crafting actionable insights and driving positive change. Here’s how it plays out for your organization:

1. Enhanced Well-Being: By decoding the interplay between physical and mental health, you can design wellness programs that truly resonate and help reduce healthcare costs

2. Preventive Measures: With predictive insights, take the lead in preventing health issues, increasing productivity and helping employees thrive

3. Growth Mindset: By giving a platform like this, you enable your employees to understand what their energizers are and help them grow their mindset to be more resilient and vulnerable 

Give this revolutionary feature a try that changes how we understand our health.