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MindPeers today launched their new tool, CogniArt, which helps people understand their executive functioning. 


Executive functioning is what helps us go through our daily lives and tasks. A cognitive skill set, executive functions include regulating our thoughts and behavior, focusing on tasks and analyzing information to name a few. 


A breakthrough in the art therapeutic landscape, CogniArt allows users to create and send in their art on a prompt provided by the MindPeers team, which is then evaluated by professionals. The users are then provided with scores across three vital executive functions viz. focus, productivity and task management. 


With a unique approach to mental health, this tool aims to provide a statistical analysis on vital functions, the knowledge of which will help users understand areas to target. With a special focus on individuals with neurodivergence, this tool will help them keep track of their executive functioning.*


“Awareness of neurodiversity is increasing, with enhanced understanding, more resources, and professional help available children and adults who grew up with an undiagnosed, unaddressed condition are able to access support and mechanisms to help with managing symptoms and navigating everyday in a neurotypical world. We have developed CogniArt, as a digital art tool that allows you to scribble, draw, paint, colour. Because when words feel overwhelming to express your emotions, art helps us express them more easily. With this tool, we intend to provide a platform to generate emotional expression through a semi-structure prompt based format. Subject to certain conditions, we also help you understand your focus and productivity levels on the basis of your art, hoping that his helps to shape your day and week better.” said Ketaki Natekar, the lead researcher and the ideator of CogniArt. 


MindPeers is arguably the biggest platform in India spearheading conversations around mental health and changing the landscape of therapy. With a global decrease in attention spans, this tool attempts to bring executive functioning to the forefront, spreading awareness of how crucial it is to our lives. 


*It is to be noted that it is not a diagnostic tool, but rather a tool to bring awareness and focus to certain executive functions.