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Top therapists for anxiety in India

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues people struggle with. A recent study showed that 74% of Indians suffered from stress while 88% suffered from some kind of anxiety disorder. Despite it's chokehold on so many Indians, very few get help. To lessen your burden, we have made a list of therapists who specialise in anxiety!


  • Shreya Rana

A believer of personalizing therapy for individuals, she provides great self-awareness, multicultural competency and a safe environment for her clients. A psychologist with 2-4 years of experience, she likes to follow the psychodynamic approach, CBT, client centered therapy and expressive arts therapy. An incredibly empathetic, flexible and a true believer in her work, she is one of the best therapists to alleviate your worries!


  • Sajida Tasneem 

If you want to explore the mind-body connection and be more holistically aware, then Sajida is the one for you! Inculcating breathing and mindfulness exercises in her work, she aims to bring her clients to a greater awareness of their inner selves. Working with young adults who struggle with anxiety, she does not believe in “one size fits all”, and uses an eclectic approach. She’s also queer friendly and trauma informed and utilizes evidence-based strategies from a range of techniques to assist clients in building resources to achieve more healthy and useful states while making sense of their experiences.


  • Ruma Choudhury

Certified in suicide prevention first-aid, she is passionate about making a meaningful contribution to improve the current state of mental health and raise societal awareness of it! Working with clients who struggle with clients dealing with anxiety, she uses multiple modalities like CBT, REBT, and positive psychology to add value to their life. She aspires to increase her clients’ positivism, resiliency, and optimism in order to increase their overall life happiness.


  • Muskan Jaggi

A counseling psychologist, Muskan is passionate about mental health and has worked with people from all ages. She has expertise in multiple therapeutic techniques, and uses this knowledge to cater to her clients’ specialized needs. Her areas of expertise include working with and resolving interpersonal conflicts, communication problems, anxiety, and stress among others.


  • Yasashree W.

A psychologist well-known in the mental health community for taking on different challenges ,Yasashree specializes in anxiety disorders. With an inclination toward psychoanalytic psychotherapy, she focuses on examining and recognising the significance of the unconscious, and provides her services for all. She feels that the therapy process is configured for each individual who approaches it, making each person's experience unique and rare.


  • Ambika Chawla

An RCI licensed clinical psychologist, she holds expertise in a variety of areas of mental health issues, including anxiety. She uses an interdisciplinary approach to therapy, with a disposition towards CBT, REBT, solution focused brief therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. She likes to employ her expertise as a graphologist in her therapy sessions. She works to promote positive thinking and is enthusiastic about contributing back to society and shows her gratitude for all that she has.


  • B Pooja

A counseling psychologist, she has worked with people from all age groups, including geriatric population who struggle with anxiety. She employs CBT, REBT and play therapy, and curates her approach on the client’s needs.


  • Renu Seshadri

A passionate clinical psychologist, she has worked with children with special needs, NGOs and hospitals, and specializes in anxiety disorders. Adapting to the needs of the client, she supports both a person-centered and a multifaceted approach to counseling. She aims to change how mental health is seen in India via her practice, raise awareness, and provide individuals who need help a safe place to be themselves.


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